Features: Located in Santos (SP), the Port Integrator Terminal Luiz Antônio Mesquita (formerly TUF) specializes in the discharge of sulfur, phosphate rock, fertilizers and ammonia. Tiplam has been expanded to six-fold its handling capacity. With the expansion, this VLI port starts to also flow grain and sugar. Integrated with the Central-Southeast corridor, the terminal offers its customers more efficiency in high performance operations, making a difference in the control of cargo transportation and the guarantee of a level of service excellence.

New Tiplam:

– 2 patios of sulfur with total static capacity of 126 thousand tons;
– 4 berths being 1 for shipment of sugar, 1 for shipment of grains and 2 for discharge of fertilizers and solid bulk;
– 2 warehouses for grain, 1 warehouse for sugar and 1 flex warehouse (grains and sugar)
– 1 ammonia tank with static capacity of 20 thousand tons;
– Structure for rail and road loading of solid bulk cargoes;
– 100% integrated export operation to the railroad with 11 km internal railway line;

Main products: fertilizers, phosphate rock, sulfur, ammonia, soy, maize and sugar.