VLI is concerned with protecting the environment through a management that assures active operations, in a preventive way, in relation to possible risks and impacts in routine activities. In addition, we keep the encouragement in our teams for the search for new technologies and environmentally efficient and sustainable resources. For VLI, operating consciously is an indispensable factor to transform the logistics of Brazil.


  • Environmental Control

VLI is committed to ensuring that environmental controls are complied with to ensure that operations are conducted in compliance with legal requirements.

Our Environmental Management System brings together a set of guiding and tools, definition of responsibilities, indication of metrics and indicators that allow the management, control and continuous evaluation of environmental impacts.


  • Environmental Attitude

The Environmental Attitude Program develops environmental education actions in a participatory manner throughout the organizational extension of VLI and aims to broaden the environmental awareness levels of employees, as well as communities and social groups in their area of influence. The program has as its guideline the Ibama normative instruction 02/2012.


  • Selo Verde (Green Label)

Selo Verde is a certification adopted to certify the ecological and socio-environmental quality of a product or service. In VLI, the label is awarded in buildings with the intention of adapting them to the concept of efficient structures. The certification is granted by VLI’s corporate Environment team and the initiative deals with a self-declaration aimed at disseminating good environmental practices in the company.

Its main objectives are:

  • Reduce the consumption of water and energy, as well as the generation of waste in the facilities;
  • Disseminate best practices for environmental improvement;
  • Put in practice the Environmental Responsibility in VLI.