Health and Safety

At VLI, life is always a priority. This value is part of the culture of our company and therefore, in all our daily attitudes, we are concerned with preserving the lives of those who contribute to the transformation of Brazil’s logistics. To put it into practice, we have established various procedures, standardizations and health and safety actions in our ports, railways, terminals, projects or in the administrative sectors.

We have an internal policy that establishes seven indispensable commitments for our performance, working to make our team more and more differentiated in relation to safety. 

Health and Safety Policy

  1. Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility;
  2. Valuing Health and Safety means valuing people;
  3. We always and consistently improve;
  4. The focus on Health and Safety is “Zero Accident”;
  5. Identification and Management of Health and Safety Risks are paramount;
  6. Emergency Response.