Safety in operations

VLI has operations in more than 300 towns in Brazil. We are hence committed to guiding our actions based on relationships and dialogue with the communities. In order to prevent accidents on the railway line, we maintain projects that promote education and stimulate the awareness and safe behavior of residents, drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists. After all, the railroad is an integral part of the traffic of many towns in the country.

We believe that, by providing workshops, lectures, campaigns, meetings and activities, we can guide and encourage the development of communities and, at the same time, show that it is possible to operate railways with safety!

Safety tips on the railway:

  • Speed down, look at both sides and listen;
  • Understand the signs and safety warnings;
  • Never stop on the rails;
  • Do not park next to the railway;
  • Stay vigilant! It is common to get distracted, listening to music or using the cell phone;
  • When crossing the railway: stop, look and listen!
  • Only cross the railway in safely signalized areas;
  • Do not jump over the wagons couplings;
  • Do not throw stones or other objects onto the trains;
  • Do not walk or play over the rails;
  • Before crossing the railway in your car, it is important to stop, look and listen. Law 9.503 of September 23, 1997 Art. 212 – Not stopping the vehicle before crossing a railway is a severe violation of the Law, punishable by fine.

Learn about our initiatives:

Have you seen any unsafe condition on the railway?

Regardless of unsafe behavior, railway conditions, accidents or possible vandalism, please contact Alô VLI – our free community channel: 0800 022 1211 (VLI also provides a disabled channel version for the hearing-impaired, under the number 0800 022 12 13)