Social Investment

Community Connection

The Community Connection reinforces VLI’s role as a partner in local development through initiatives that combine education and culture.

As the objective of promoting a harmonic and secure relationship between the VLI and the communities close to its operation, the program is divided into two axes: heritage education and mobilization.

The patrimonial bias of the Connection Community seeks to contribute to the appreciation and recognition of elements linked to the traditional culture and property, reducing degradation actions and expanding its reference to neighborhoods and cities that are part of the project. To this end, it promotes the training of public school teachers on how to develop the theme of heritage in the classroom and enables students to get to know and rediscover the places where they live and that form part of their history as citizens.

The mobilization axis promotes an integrated set of activities in schools and communities, with an emphasis on youth protagonism, promoting reflection and mobilization for issues relevant to the community.

Sports Station

The project offers sports activities to children and adolescents living near the railway line.
Through the incentive to the sport, the program seeks to develop aspects such as teamwork, tolerance, respect, group size and shared responsibility.

Truck Driver Partner

The initiative seeks to strengthen the relationship with the truck drivers who attend the terminals of VLI, promoting health activities and quality of life for this fundamental audience for the transportation of our customers’ products. After all, the entire logistic process at our integrating terminals begins with the work of the truck drivers.

Solidary VLI 

Solidary VLI aims at stimulating the exercise of citizenship and social participation, bringing our employees closer to the surrounding communities.

Organized in committees, the program stimulates not only corporate volunteering, but also integration among teams, as well as contributing to the community development in the municipalities where the company is present.