Ethics Channel

Right attitude to resolve, constant respect for people and zero tolerance against corruption: this is the VLI way.

Based on these pillars, VLI’s Ethics Channel aims to guide our company and third parties acting on its behalf to act in a correct way, backed by the highest standards of integrity.

Our Ethical Conduct Code reflects a set of values that seek to ensure credibility and preserve the company’s image, in the short and long term, in the markets in which it operates regularly.

The positive reputation and image of VLI is a heritage of its shareholders, managers and employees, being a direct result of the behavior and commitment of those who work to create value for the company. Everyone must be committed to the principles of honesty, trust, and respect for others, and are responsible for the dissemination and practice of those values.


If you are aware of any breach of ethical behavior involving VLI, our professionals or third parties acting on behalf of the company, report in a secure, confidential and, if desired, anonymous way through the following channels:

  • Telephone: 0800 721-0782

Period: from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, with personal service.

  • Or visit our 24-hour Online Ethics Channel at

The Ethics Channel aims to foster trust and transparency in our professional relationships, promoting an environment of high ethical standards and preserving the company’s suitability.