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VLI logistics system, interconnecting railways, terminals and ports, has the best conditions to efficiently serve the main Brazilian regions producing industrialized, steel, agricultural and mineral products and goods.

Present in ten Brazilian states as well as in the Federal District, VLI logistics has an unparalleled competitive advantage: capacity, dynamism and practicality to flow the most diversified products of its customers, in direct connection with the supply of  input and raw materials available. There are five large logistics corridors covering the most important regions of the country.

Agriculture Integrated Logistics

VLI transports, through its integrated network of terminals, railways and ports, millions of tons of agricultural products such as grains (maize, soy and soy bran), sugar and fertilizers. In addition to logistics flows that combine speed, security and reliability, VLI has a complete structure of warehouses and silos that ensure the best service for this sector.


In the central region of Brazil (Goiás, Distrito Federal, Triângulo Mineiro and São Paulo state), known for its high agricultural production, VLI operates railways and intermodal terminals that receive their customers’ cargoes and supply them through two important corridors – Central-Easthern and Center-Southeast – linking these regions to two of the most important port complexes in the country: Tubarão (ES) and Santos (SP), and, of course, the Port Integrator Terminal Luiz Antonio Mesquita (Tiplam), also in Santos, expanded by VLI to move six times more loads.

With the Norte Sul Railway operating between Açailândia and Porto Nacional, VLI boosts the growth of the new Brazilian agricultural frontier, which covers the states of Maranhão, Piauí, Tocantins and Bahia. From the Port Nacional and Palmeirante Integrated Terminals, both in Tocantins, VLI carries the grain to the capital of Maranhão, where the São Luís Port Terminal operates with all the infrastructure of warehouses and silos to serve the agricultural sector.

Steel Integrated Logistics

VLI has customized logistics solutions that integrate the main steel producing states and consumers of steel inputs in Brazil. As a result, VLI serves the industry dynamically and competitively, both in the supply of inputs such as mineral coal, limestone, pig iron and iron ore, as well as in the disposal of flat and long steel for domestic and foreign markets.

Highlights of the Sector

The Central-Eastern Corridor serves one of the major poles of the Brazilian steel market with a privileged logistics flow, a large movement of finished steel products and inputs, linking the states of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais through the Centro Atlântica Railroad (FCA) and the Praia Mole Terminal, in the Tubarão Complex (Vitória – ES).

The Central-Northern Corridor stands out in the export of pig iron, integrating the Carajás Railroad (EFC) to the São Luis Port Terminal (MA).

Another highlight of VLI’s logistics operations in the steel segment is the Santa Luzia Integrator Terminal (MG), intended for the transshipment of steel products and supplies to its Vale do Aço customers. The terminal centralizes cargoes that were previously distributed in several terminals, allowing gains in productivity and agility for the logistics of the region.

Manufactured Goods Integrated Logistics

VLI has safe and competitive options for the supply of petroleum derivatives (diesel and gasoline), biofuels and the sugar and alcohol industry, integrating production with large consumers. It also provides solutions for forest products (cellulose and wood) and for the mining and construction segments, with transportation of bauxite, granite, clinker, cement, alumina, limestone, bark, copper, chrome, coke and slag.

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VLI corridors have a significant differential for the supply of petroleum products (diesel and gasoline) in important regions of the country, taking the product from the refineries to the base of oil distributors. The same way, VLI is a partner of the sugar and alcohol industry in the state of São Paulo, Triângulo Mineiro and Goiás, where it carries out the integrated logistics of the sector for the great consumer centers of the country.

In the segment of forest products, pulp and derivatives, VLI provides logistics solution for transporting timber to important industries located in Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Bahia, as well as the pulp production in Imperatriz, Maranhão, through the Port of Itaqui (MA).

In the transportation of granite, the company ensures a competitive performance for the quarries located in Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Bahia, to the Tubarão Complex in Espírito Santo, from where the product is exported to the world market.