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Key Segments

Agribusiness and liquids


Industries and Minerals

Key Segments


The products transported are fertilizers, forestry (logs and cellulose), fuels (gasoline, diesel and biodiesel), sugar and containers. Together, they account for an annual volume of 30.5 million tons transported.

Agribusiness and liquids

The products handled are soy, corn and bran. Together, they represent an annual volume of 34.4 million tons transported.

Industries and Minerals

The products handled are solid fuels (coal, coke and anthracite), minerals (iron, chromium, manganese, magnesite and bauxite ores), pig iron, limestone, steel products, cement, clinker and granite. Together, they add up to an annual volume of 36.2 million tons transported.

Multimodal Logistic System

VLI operates in the Center North System and the Center-Southeast System, offering integrated logistic services to customers, in road, rail and port operations and connections with terminals.

ESG Commitment

To build a legacy for future generations and transform logistic in Brazil, we have made ESG commitments on three major fonts:


Our operation aims for efficient environmental management, adopting preventive actions to preserve the environment and mitigate the impacts associated with the company's activities.


We have projects to enable development in the communities where we operate and leave a legacy through initiatives of social responsibility and shared value.


Our corporate governance model is based on the best global practices with policies based on principles of integrity, ethics and transparency.



Vivianne Lima

VLI Service Assistant

“Today was the day to receive the gift of recognition for time in the service. After 10 years of VLI Logística, I'm still learning and developing. I thank everyone who was and is on this journey, together we will transform the country's logistic.”

Diego Oliveira Silva

Diego Oliveira Lima

Rolling Stock Maintenance Supervisor at VLI

"I completed 10 years of work at VLl. Feeling of gratitude, it was 10 years of hard work, dedication and learning. I thank God, my leaders and team for this trajectory. May God enlighten the next steps. Thank you, VLI."


Ana Luísa

Transformation and Customer Experience Manager at VLI

“Working for the purpose of transforming logistics in Brazil generates great pride, while giving us great responsibility. In this sense, it is essential to go to the place where the action takes place and facts can be found. Gemba is a word of Japanese origin that means the "true place".


When everyone works for the same purpose, the results are recognized. Get to know VLI’s history through relevant awards won by the company in the last few years.

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