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VLI maintains open and transparent channels of communication with its customers and society. Use some of the contact forms below to send your questions, criticisms and suggestions. We will be very pleased to respond.
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Ethics Channel

If you are aware of and would like to comment on any misconduct involving VLI, our professionals or third parties acting on behalf of the company, please contact our Ethics Channel.


0800 721 0782

Period: from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, with personal service

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Hello VLI

It is an open channel for dialogue and information so the community can communicate with VLI.


0800 022 1211

Hearing impaired:

0800 022 12 13

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New business demands

To hire VLI services, please contact our Sales Department through the telephone numbers below.


+55 (11) 5112 2409

Siderurgy / Construction:

+ 55 (31) 3279 4427


+55 (11) 5112 2447

Complaint Channel

  • I would like to report a situation that violates VLI's Ethics Code. How should I proceed?

    1. VLI has an Ethics Channel, which aims to guide our company and third parties working on our behalf to act correctly, according to the highest standards of integrity.

      If you are aware of any ethical behavior breech involving VLI, our professionals or third parties acting on behalf of the company, please report in a secure, confidential and, if desired, anonymous form through the following channels:

      Phone: 0800 721-0782

      Schedule: from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, with personal service

      Or visit our 24-hour Online Ethics Channel at

  • Is the complaint on the Ethics Channel anonymous?

    1. Yes, besides being able to report an event in a secure and confidential way, you can also do it anonymously, if you wish. Just access or call the toll-free number at 0800 721-0782.

Work with us

  • How can I work at VLI? Where do I register my resume?

    1. To be part of the VLI team, you can access and register your resume. Good luck!

  • Where can I submit my resume?

    1. Hello! We do not receive resumes personally. To be part of the VLI team, you can access and register your resume.

  • I sent my resume but did not get any feedback. What happened?

    1. We receive a large number of candidates in our selection processes, which requires more time to evaluate resumes and get back to candidates.

  • When do the internship / trainee registrations open?

    1. If there are open enrollments, we’ll post it on our site and social networks.

  • What are the stages of the internship and training process?

    1. The selection processes include the registration stages, online tests, interview activities, panel and interviews with managers and, finally, medical exams and document submission.

      VLI will contact you soon if you are selected for the next step.

  • I have a disability , are there any opportunities for me at VLI?

    1. We believe equality makes a major difference. That is why we have an inclusion program to encourage professionals with disabilities to participate in our selection processes and to search for possibilities for career development. They can sign up for all of our opportunities and we also offer vacancies that are exclusive for them.

      To check the vacancies available and register your resume in our talent data base, you can access

  • How do I become a VLI conductor?

    1. To become a VLI conductor, you can register your resume for the Operational Trainee program.

      The program is focused on developing professionals for basic technical or operational positions, and offers training that combines theory and practice. After an experience period and completing specialization courses, the Operational Trainee can become a conductor.

      To register your resume, just go to the website


  • I would like to purchase the rails discarded by VLI.

    1. To obtain information about our sale processes for rails and ties and participate in the bidding processes, send your request and contacts to the following email:

  • I am working on a research and need information about VLI. How should I proceed?

    1. Please send us a message through the Contact Form.

  • How can I visit VLI?

    1. VLI has the “Arms Open” program, for direct interaction with the community, which promotes visits to the company’s facilities. During the visits, the groups have the opportunity to take a closer look at VLI operations. To participate, you must contact VLI through the contact form or AlôVLI.

  • What does the acronym VLI stand for?

    1. Our acronym VLI stands for Valor da Logística Integrada (Integrated Logistics Value), which demonstrates our commitment to integrate and connect ports, railways and terminals to offer the best solutions to our customers.

  • Where can I buy a miniature VLI wagon?

    1. VLI does not sell products. Therefore, we do not have physical or online stores.

  • I want to take pictures on the railway, how can I get authorization?

    1. VLI clarifies that it can not allow any type of third party activities on the railway, even in the non-operational part, for security reasons, and because VLI does not have the necessary authorization for this. VLI is a rail freight operator and does not have the ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) authorization to enable the use of the federal railway line for this type of activity. For safety reasons, the company instructs the population to not use the railway for walking or any other purpose, individuals must cross the railway using the level structures. Direct access to rails is only allowed with the assistance of VLI representatives, who must have specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to avoid any types of accidents in the area.

  • Why do trains only transport cargo and not passengers anymore?

    1. The railways administered by VLI are a concession from the Federal Government. And through the concession contract, we can not carry passengers on our railways, only cargo.

      But for those who are passionate about locomotives and would like to take a tour, we have our Maria Fumaça that goes through São João del Rei and Tiradentes.

      Find out more at:

  • I represent a media channel and need information about VLI

    1. VLI has a Press Office, responsible for this type of demand. For more information please access the following address:

Tourism Train

  • What are the tour schedules?

    1. The tour schedule is set monthly. To check the days and schedules, access:

  • Can I book my tour?

    1. Reservations are only made for groups with more than 25 people, by email

  • Who is eligible for the half price ticket?

    1. The half price ticket (50%) is valid for children from 6 to 12 years old, students presenting schooling evidence and student ID or similar docs and people over 60 years old presenting an ID or similar doc.


  • I would like to be a supplier / service provider for VLI. How do I register my business?

    1. VLI values ​​its suppliers and considers them a key part of their supply chain.

      To participate in our bids, either for products or services, you must access the following link and register:

  • How does the qualification process work?

    1. Documentation analysis: within 48 working hours a technical team will analyze the information and documents for the pre-registration and will contact the applicant about the process, through the message area in the Ariba Portal. A copy of this message will also be sent to the registered e-mail.

      Portal adherence process: When there is an open bidding process, Ariba will contact your company to present the services and detail the business model. You must accept Ariba’s business terms to use the portal and to become a VLI provider.

New business demands

  • I would like to find out more about prices for services provided by VLI / I am interested in becoming a VLI customer

    1. For proposals and customer-related services, please call: (11) 5112 2409 (for the agriculture segment), (31) 3279 4334 (for the steel and construction segments) and (11) 5112-2447 for the industrial segment).

  • How do I buy soy, ore, etc?

    1. VLI is a company specialized in logistical operations that integrate railways, ports and terminals. The company transports the products sold by customers and, therefore, does not perform sales.

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