VLI on IHHA Rio 2023

Transporting Wealth and Transforming Brazilian Logistics

VLI is a company that offers sustainable logistics solutions and uses an efficient multimodal system to meet customer needs and connect stories, people, pathways, businesses, and dreams wherever it goes. We connect ports, railways, and terminals to serve Brazil in the movement of dozens of cargoes such as grains, sugar, fertilizers, fuels, inputs and steel products, cellulose, among others. 

We transport wealth across ten Brazilian states and the Federal District. Our experience enables us to continue delivering sustainable results. Everywhere we go, our professionals seek to respect communities to leave a legacy of values. Our initiatives involve people, creating opportunities and incentives in the fields of education, culture, and sports. 

Big Numbers

7.5 thousand employees ​

About 8,000 km of railway

5 logistics corridors ​

Present in around 300 cities, 10 states, and the Federal District ​

Operations on 4 railways (railway volume in 2022: 60 million tonnes) ​

Approximately 800 locomotives and 24,000 wagons ​

​Over R$ 10 billion
invested between
2010 and 2022


7 port operation structures (port volume in 2022: 42 million tonnes) ​

ESG - VLI for tomorow: connections for a better world

VLI is committed to sustainable practices driven by shared value, firmly believing in the pivotal role businesses play in shaping a better society for generations to come. Our pursuit of solutions to transform Brazil’s logistics is underpinned by principles of diversity, inclusivity, ethics, and sustainability. Using a highly efficient and secure logistics framework tailored to our clients’ needs, we generate value for the communities we pass by and leave an enduring positive impact on the planet. To this end, VLI has established six commitments within the ESG agenda, encompassing Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects. 

ESG Commitments – 2030 Agenda

Safety for operations, employee health, and well-being: enhancing employee health and safety conditions, achieving a Disabling Accident Rate (DART) of 0.5 and a Frequency of Accidents with/without Leave Rate below 2.0. 

Legacy for the planet and climate change: contributing to the mitigation of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% per tonne hauled, and decreasing new water consumption in operations by 20%. 

Value for relationships: achieving and maintaining a 60% index of hiring local suppliers; sensitizing 100% of critical clients and suppliers to ethics and inclusion policies, and achieving 30% of women in high leadership positions, from management upwards, by 2025. 


Efficiency to our customers

For VLI, the customer is at the core of our decisions, and this makes all the difference. We annually transport millions of tons of products. We plan and execute multimodal solutions that yield better results to our clients’ businesses. 

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service, with an integrated operation that provides the best logistical cost for each business. Our logistical infrastructure boasts competitive advantages such as dynamic capacity and practicality to convey clients’ diverse products, in direct connection with input and raw material supply. 

Our distinctions

  • Service, capacity, and co-creation in the multimodal logistical system 
  • Flexible logistical planning focused on client goals
  • Digital solutions for prioritization and enhanced transportation performance
  • View of attractiveness and commercial competitiveness for the client